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NEWS! Dick Biondi is BACK on the air!

Dick Biondi is on the True Oldies Channel, 94.7 WZZN, Monday-Friday 8PM-Midnight

 If you are not in Chicago, you can also visit their site and listen live

Click here for TrueOldies947.com  



  Dick Biondi WJMK Airchecks:

Click here for the last hour and 10 minutes of the last WJMK Dick Biondi show. (Scoped down to 10 min)

Click here for Dick signing off the day before his last show. 7/11/06 (1:54)

Click here for a funny weather report from Dick.

Click here for Dick Biondi on the 46th Anniversary of his first Chicago Radio Broadcast. 5/2/06

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