The WCBS-FM DJs Say Goodbye

This montage contains the final sign-offs of many of the WCBS-FM DJs.
Since they never had the opportunity to sign-off for themselves I thought it would be interesting to chronologically string together as many final sign-offs as could be found into one aircheck.

The result is the following 9:41 montage. This is what you will hear:

1. Harry Harrison - Saturday May 28th 10am - Beatles #1s
2. Mike McCann - Sunday May 29th 9pm - Elvis #1s
3. Norm N Nite - Sunday May 29th 1am - Heart of Rock and Roll
4. Bruce Morrow - Wednesday June 1st 10pm - Soul Patrol in the Yearbook
5. Don K Reed - Friday June 3rd 6am - He would later appear with Mickey Dolenz at BB Kings as a guest
6. Mickey Dolenz & Mike Fitzgerald - Friday June 3rd 10am - From BB Kings
7. Randy Davis - Friday June 3rd 1pm
8. Bill Brown - Friday June 3rd 4pm - Last words before flip
9. End of Summer Wind - Friday June 3rd 4:30pm

Clearly, the DJs did not know that this would be their final WCBS-FM show with the exception of Bill Brown.

The recordings were contributed by CBS-FM longtime listener Linda Cohen and edited together by John Troll. Enjoy.

Click here to hear the DJs Say Goodbye