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L-R: Max Kinkel, Marc Sommers, Gary Clark and Johnny "Z" (Bobby Jay's producer on Friday Night Fifties in the Hall of Fame)

WCBS FM gave these out with all of the DJ's photos. On the bottom was room for autographs.

July 7, 2005 Would have been 33 years of oldies on "The Golden 101"
Click on the picture for a newspaper article from 1997 when WCBS celebrated 25 years.

After I started this site, David Hinckley from the New York Daily News was nice enough to mention the site in his article.

Look what was seen at a Metro North RR Station! This was taken on 8/21/05

Photo By: Bernie Ente

WCBS-FM Crew! 1986


WCBS-FM Crew! 2000


WCBS-FM Crew! 2001

More photos will be posted. Check back soon.


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Harry Harrison's May You Always

Press Release for Ron Lundy's Retirement

On 12/15/2000, Harry Harrison did a live broadcast from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in honor of it's 50th Anniversary.
Here is a photo given to those who attended.

WCBS-FM Air Personality Weekday Lineup (Circa 1997)

WCBS-FM Air Personality Weekend Lineup (Circa 1997)

WCBS-FM Weekday Special Features (Circa 1997)

WCBS-FM Weekend Special Features (Circa 1997)

WCBS-FM T-Shirt from 25th Anniversary Concert , Back of T-Shirt signed by: Bill Brown, Bob Shannon, Mike Fitzgerald, Dan Ingram, Ron Lundy and then GM Maire Mason.  (April, 1997)

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