WCBS-FM Links and Acknowledgements

Links and Acknowledgements:

A special thank you to the following former WCBS-FM air personalities: Bobby Jay, Pat St. John and Marc Sommers

(Marc Sommers just wrote a great new book, The Bomber Boys, True Stories of B-17 Airmen. To learn more or to purchase a copy Click here!)

Also, thanks to: Cynthia Jay, Richie Norris, Jim Shelton, Mike Stallone, Beth McGrail, Linda Cohen, John Troll, Nick Centanni, Robert Sarkissian, Vince Santarelli, Robert S., Lou Orfanella and Art Vuolo.


Please check out the websites listed below!

Art Vuolo's Video Air-Chex

Pat St. John

The Online Oldies Survey

A special thank you to Mike Pompili for donating the webspace for this site. Check out Mike's site Click here!

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