FAQ: How Do You Post A Picture On Ask Fm?

Does ASKfm notify screenshots?

Nope, no, definitely not. Other users will receive notifications only if you like their answers, ask question to them or answer their question and if you mention them in your post.

How do you use ASKfm?

How does Ask.fm work? 6 ways to get started

  1. Sign up for a free Ask.fm account.
  2. Add hashtags to your profile to connect with other users.
  3. Link Ask.fm to your existing social media accounts to find your friends.
  4. Follow friends, and have them follow you.
  5. Ask questions – anonymously or publicly.

How do I get my ASKfm pictures off Google?

If you wish to remove the picture from Google, first you need to remove it from your ASKfm profile. You can do it by clicking on “X” next to the post you wish to remove. I hope this helps!

How to share ASKfm on Instagram?

1 Profile Link Replace “username” with your Ask.fm username. Click the “Submit” button to make your changes permanent. Visitors who view your Instagram profile can now see a link to your Ask.fm account in your profile’s bio.

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Can you see who viewed your ASKfm?

No. There is no ASKfm tracker and there will never be one. We take anonymity seriously and we guarantee that your identity will remain anonymous after you have asked an anonymous question. Please be aware of other sites, apps or programs that claim they can help you track other users – THEY CAN NOT.

Can you see if someone views your ASKfm?

Originally Answered: How can I know who’s following me on Ask.fm? As sad as this might sound, there is no way to directly tell who is following you.

Why do people use ASKfm?

Ask.fm is a question asking and answering service that gives people the opportunity to ask and answer controversial questions totally anonymously. The answers can be either in text or video format, and users can also browse other people’s profiles with the option of submitting questions directly to them.

What happened to Ask Jeeves?

Ask.com was originally known as Ask Jeeves, “Jeeves” being the name of a “gentleman’s personal gentleman”, or valet, fetching answers to any question asked. In July 2005, Ask Jeeves was acquired by IAC. In February 2006, Jeeves was removed from Ask Jeeves and the search engine rebranded to Ask.

Can you legally make someone delete pictures of you?

You are now legally obligated to delete sexy pics if your ex is unhappy with them. While the man showed no intention in publishing the photos, the court’s decision means his ex-girlfriend can now relax in the knowledge that the pictures have been deleted and can no longer be shown to anyone else without her permission.

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How do you get a picture removed from the Internet?

Remove a Photo From Google

  1. Click on the image in the Google search results to see what site hosts the image.
  2. If you know or can find the site owner, ask them nicely to remove it. (
  3. If you don’t know who owns the site, use ICANN WHOIS to find the site owner and ask them to remove it.

How do I share my Ask FM account?

Go to your profile in the app. And you will notice arrow to share your account. In this way you will get an option to copy the link to your profile.

How do you change username on Ask FM?

Hi, it is not possible to change your username on ASKfm. But you can change your “Full name” that your friends see when they receive your questions.

How do you share ask FM on Facebook?

Connecting to Facebook- From the Services menu, click on Connect with Facebook. You will see a pop up that tells you that Ask.fm will be accessing your public profile and friends list. Click Ok to complete the connection.

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