FAQ: Who Owns Milele Fm Radio Station?

Who is the founder of Milele FM?

Samboja joined the Royal Media Services on completing his studies at KIMC. He eventually left to start Milele FM. Records indicate Milele FM was founded in 2008. In addition to being the founder of Milele FM, Samboja owns Anguo FM, a Taita language radio station.

Who owns KTN?

Popular radio presenter Felix Odiwuor, commonly known as Jalang’o, has quit Milele FM. The comedian made the announcement of his resignation on Monday night on social media, explaining that his decision has been informed by contractual dispute with his employer, Mediamax Network Limited.

Which frequency is Milele FM?

Milele FM Listen Live – 88.3-104.3 MHz FM, Nairobi, Kenya | Online Radio Box.

Who owns Kenya daily?

It is owned by Mediamax Network Ltd, a Kenyan media company that also owns K24TV, Kameme TV, Kameme FM,

What KTN stands for?

A Known Traveler Number (KTN), also called a Trusted Traveler Number, is a number issued by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), or Department of Defense (DoD).

How rich is Jalango?

Jalang’o earns an estimation of 2-3 million shillings per month and has accumulated a huge vast of wealth and owns a very beautiful mansion in Nairobi and has built another for his mum. His Networth is approximated at 100 million.

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Where does Jalango?

Jalango Mansion: Highly popular comedian Jalang’o has given his fans and followers a rare glimpse of his house in Nairobi. The Jalango mansion photos were first shared on his Instagram page by the comedian who co-hosts the morning breakfast show on Milele FM.

Where is Jalango from?

Patrick Quarcoo, popularly known as PQ, is a Ghanaian Kenya-based serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Radio Africa Group, which is an umbrella of among Kenya’s leading media channels on print, digital, TV and radio.

Who owns Meru FM?

Meru FM is local radio station located in Nairobi, Kenya and it’s belong for Mediamax Network Limited – Ngwataniro ya Ameru.

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