Often asked: Does Ipod Touch Have Am Fm Radio?

Is there a radio on iPod touch?

You can play thousands of broadcast radio stations on iPod touch. Choose a station in the Radio tab: Tap Radio, swipe up, then choose a station below the Local Broadcasters or International Broadcasters heading.

Does Apple iPod have FM radio?

The iPod nano 5th Gen and iPod nano 6th Gen do have an integrated radio. The iPod Radio Remote supports FM stations from 87.5 to 107.9 MHz (in both the US and European standards) and 76 to 90 MHz (the Japanese standard).

How do I get radio stations on my iPod touch?

If you have an iPod Touch, you can download and install any available radio app from the App Store onto the device. With your device’s Wi-Fi enabled, you can select, install and use the app to hear live streaming radio at any time. Some of the most frequently downloaded radio apps in the App Store are free to use.

Does iPod 5th generation have FM radio?

It seems hard to believe, but the fifth-generation Nano marks the first time Apple has included a built-in FM radio on an iPod. We have no idea why it took Apple eight years to bring radio to the iPod, but to Apple’s credit, its FM radio is one of the best we’ve used on a portable device.

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Can you listen to radio on iPod touch without WIFI?

The iPod Touch has no radio capability. You cannot play music from iTunes Radio without Wi-Fi on the iPod touch, unless you have a model with cellular compatability.

How can I put music on my iPod without a computer?

If you have an Apple iPod, Apple TV or an iPhone (in 10 days’ time), iTunes currently sits as the hub in the middle of the Apple-empire wheel. But with iLoad you won’ t need a computer, internet connection or iTunes to transfer music, film and videos to your iPod.

Is there an iPod touch 8th generation?

The new Apple iPod Touch is set to be Apple’s eighth-generation variant of the product, following the Apple iPod Touch 7th Gen launched in 2019. The new iPod will be the eighth generation product in the iPod Touch line following the iPod Touch 7th gen that was launched in May 2019.

What is the iPod touch?

The iPod touch is Apple’s smallest handheld device, measuring in at 123.4mm by 58.6mm by 6.1mm, with a 4-inch display. It’s the only phone-sized device that Apple now offers with a 4-inch display, as the smallest iPhone available from Apple features a 4.7-inch display.

What music app works with iPod touch?

Spotify Music (Free) for iPhone and Apple Watch. This is the best free music apps for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Using this app you can make a lot of playlists and you can share it with your friends and any other too.

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What can I use my iPod touch for?

Since it runs the iOS, the same operating system used by the iPhone and iPad, the iPod touch is also a web browsing device, a communications tool, a portable game system, and a video player.

How do I put radio stations on my iPod nano?

How to Set Your Favorite Radio Station on an iPod Nano

  1. Connect your headphones to your iPod nano.
  2. Tap “Radio” on the device’s Home screen.
  3. Tap the arrow icons to navigate to the station you wish to set as a favorite.
  4. Tap the “Star” icon to add the station to your favorites list.

Can you listen to an iPod without headphones?

The 5th gen iPod nano has very small built-in speakers. So you can listen to music without any headphones (although it does not sound very good for music).

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