Often asked: How To Know Who Asked Me On Ask Fm?

Can you see who asked on Curious cat?

You can also follow other people through Curious Cat. Through your feed, you can view published questions/answers and confessions. By receiving notifications, you can see if someone asked you a question, where you’ll have the option to reply.

How can u see ur followers on ask fm?

press one button and know who are your followers.

  1. I shall recite to you what the very people at ASKfm have stated:
  2. “Right now, following on ASKfm is anonymous. But you, and only you, can see the number of followers you have.”
  3. So, according to ASKfm, they have chosen to make your followers anonymous.

How do you find out who the anonymous asker is?

If you want to ask a question anonymously, you have to choose Anonymous in the drop down list next to “<your identity> asked”.

Is Curious cat actually anonymous?

The website describes it as follows: Curious Cat is a Q&A social network used by one million people every day, where you can ask and receive questions, sometimes anonymously. It’s great to know new people, or engage with your followers from other social networks.”

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How do you find out who sent you an anonymous question on Ask FM?

No. There is no ASKfm tracker and there will never be one. We take anonymity seriously and we guarantee that your identity will remain anonymous after you have asked an anonymous question. Please be aware of other sites, apps or programs that claim they can help you track other users – THEY CAN NOT.

Does ASKfm ask you questions?

Ask.fm is a social site and app that’s all about asking and answering questions. By default, questions are asked anonymously, but you can opt to include your screen name. You can also opt not to receive anonymous questions.

How do I permanently delete my ASKfm account?

To delete an Ask.fm account:

  1. Log into your Ask.fm account.
  2. Click the gear icon, and then click Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Account tab on the top-right of the settings menu.
  4. Click Deactivate Account, the second option on the new page.
  5. Enter your password and click the Deactivate Account button.

How do I turn anonymous on ASK?

Enabling asks To enable the ask feature on the web: Click “Settings” under the account menu at the top of the dashboard, then on the right side of the page, choose the blog you’d like to update. In the Ask section, enable “ Let people ask questions.”

Where can I ask an anonymous question?

Herein find some best sites where you can ask questions and get answers from real people online.

  • Answerbag.
  • Yahoo! Answers.
  • Blurt it.
  • WikiAnswers.
  • FunAdvice.
  • Askville.
  • Friendfeed.
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Are zoom anonymous questions actually anonymous?

Changing Q&A settings during webinar In the top-right corner of the Q&A window, click the gear wheel to open the settings window. Allow anonymous questions: attendees’ names do not appear next to the questions. Answered questions only: only answered questions are displayed.

Can you block someone on Curious cat?

You can block users! Blocking them also blocks their I.P so it’s not as simple as logging off!

How do you find out who sent you an anon on Tumblr 2020?

As of now, there’s no way of tracking anons on Tumblr. The only way you can try to track them is by adding a visitor tracker to your blog, like StatCounter, which allows you to see the visitors’ paths in your blog.

How do I find the IP address of an anonymous message?

Find the gear icon and open the “More Actions” menu. Click on the “View Full Headers” option. Scroll down, or use “CTRL+F” on your computer to find the “X-Originating-IP” line and next to it, you’ll find the IP address of your sender.

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