Often asked: How To Request A Song On Capital Fm?

How do you send a message to Capital FM?

Premium Rate services are accessed by sending a text from your mobile phone to a 5 digit number called a shortcode like Capital’s on 83958.

How do I contact Roman Kemp?

Get in touch by calling us on 0203 793 4042 or by emailing [email protected] now.

How do you text to capital?

How to change uppercase and lowercase text in Microsoft Word

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What number does Capital FM ring you on?

To enter the Competition an Entrant must send a text message with the word ‘CASH’ and their answer to 83958 (the “Text Message Line”).

What is the Capital FM phrase that pays?

Listeners will be required to identify the ‘Cash Track’ played on Capital as directed on-air by the presenter(s) and text in whilst the song is playing. If successful, the listener must be able to give the presenter the “phrase that pays” which will be given out on air.

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What is Capital FM frequency?

Capital responded the following year by launching a golden oldies station called Capital Gold, initially at the weekend prior to going full time on 1 November, on its AM frequency while Capital on FM became 95.8 Capital FM, a chart contemporary music station.

What time is Roman Kemp on capital?

Monday – Friday, 6AM – 10AM Roman Kemp, Sian Welby and Sonny Jay are joined by the biggest guests as they wake up the UK. Get involved every weekday from 6AM – 10AM, with @CapitalOfficial on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

What age is Roman Kemp?

Iris is a female miniature poodle. Before being adopted by the Kemp family in September of 2020, Iris was born in China to be killed and sold in the meat markets along with many other dogs like her.

Does it cost to text capital?

You must send a text message starting with the keyword CASH, followed by your answer to the question, to 83958 (the “Text Message Line”). Text messages will be charged at £2 plus one standard network rate message. 6. The Text Message Line for each round of the Promotion will open as directed by the presenter(s) on air.

How much is it to text Capital FM?

Text messages will be charged at £1.00 plus standard network rate. The opening and closing times of the Text Message Line will be given out on-air by the presenter(s). If you text after the closing time you will not be entered but may still be charged.

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How do you text 83958?

To enter the Competition an Entrant must send a text message with the word “spots” OR “stripes” to 83958. Text messages will be charged at standard network rates.

How do I enter Capital FM competition?

You can enter the competition by texting CASH, followed by your answer to the question we ask on air, to 83958.

How do you enter the CASH call?

Entrants can enter the Competition by sending an SMS message starting with the WIN to 63103 or 61025, YES to 63103 or CASH or PLAY to 61054. If the message does not start with the valid Keyword(s), or is not sent to the valid number, it will not be entered.

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