Question: How Do I Contact Jacaranda Fm?

How do I get in touch with Good Morning Angels?

Need to contact GMA? If you have a request for someone in need, please send an email to Good Morning Angels with full details of your request. Please remember to include: Name, Contact details (email and cell number) for you and the person you are requesting assistance for.

What happened to Rian on Jacaranda?

The Jacaranda FM radio presenter and TV personality Rian van Heerden is currently recovering in isolation in a Centurion hospital from Covid-19 after he was admitted to have a kidney stone removed early this week. This follows after he was admitted to hospital on Monday to remove a kidney stone.

Where can I find Jacaranda FM?

Jacaranda FM

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Jacaranda Broadcast Centre, 89 14th Road, Erands Gardens, MIDRAND.
  • 011 063 5700.
  • 086 602 1757.
  • Media Directory: South African Electronic Media (National and Commercial Radio and TV Stations)

Which station is YFM?

YFM ( 99.2 FM ) is a “Youth” radio station in Johannesburg, South Africa.

How can I contact Good morning?

Contact us

  1. By Email: [email protected]
  2. On Facebook: Post your message on our Facebook page.
  3. On Twitter: Join in with the conversation on Twitter using #GMB – or message us directly at @GMB.
  4. Via Instagram: If you want share your photos with us, use #GMB.
  5. Post to us:
  6. Helpline details:

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