Question: How To Contact Kiss Fm?

How do I send a message to Kiss FM?

If you’ve got any questions, please email: [email protected] or write to: Kiss, 1 Golden Square, London W1F 9DJ – you should put the competition name in the subject line.

What is Kiss FM text number?

Entrants can enter the Competition by sending an SMS message starting with the keyword WIN to 81215 or 61054, or WIN or ROCK to 64100. If the message does not start with the valid Keyword(s), or is not sent to the valid number, it will not be entered.

What is 102.7 KIIS FM number?

800-520-1027 | Facebook.

What was Kiss FM secret sound?

This morning KIIS 101.1 Melbourne’s infamous secret sound netted twenty-four-year-old Alicia Dertilis $50k for correctly guessing the sound was “closing a window using a window winder with a chain”. As luck would have it, Sydney also had a winner this morning. Bree from Cherrybrook won $50k on KIIS 106.5.

What is Kiss FM frequency?

Listen to KISS on FM Some stations only cover some of their area with FM. FM. 97.2 MHz. FM. 100.0 MHz.

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How do you get a kiss on the DAB?

On DAB look for the frequency 12A, or 12C for London specifically. The frequency for DAB in Cornwall is 11B. The Kiss FM frequency also varies depending upon where you live. For example in Cambridge it’s 105.6 MHz, for Bristol it’s 97.2 MHz, for London it’s 100.0 MHz and for Norwich, it’s 106.1 MHz.

How do you get your music on Kiss FM?

Request A Song – 97.9/105.5 KISS-FM The #1 Hit Music Station. Enter your song and title information and your e-mail address and make a request, it’s that simple!

How can I listen to Kiss FM online?


  1. Listen to KISS I-phone, I-Pad / iOS.
  2. Listen to KISS Android.
  3. Listen to KISS FM Radio 87.6 and 87.8 FM Melbourne, Australia.
  4. Listen to KISS Online simply hit the PLAYER at the top of this page [Windows & Mac info below]
  5. Watch KISS Live Live Streaming available via Facebook, Twitch, Youtube here.

WHO WON make me a winner today?

A mother-of-five from Northampton has spoken about what she will do with her money after winning £1 million in a radio competition. Shelley Humphries scooped the massive prize after winning Heart Radio’s Make Me A Millionaire competition on Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden’s breakfast show on Friday (May 28).

Where is the Kiss FM studio?

Other DJs at this time were being lured away by the increasingly dance-oriented BBC Radio 1. Mark Story (previously of Magic 105.4) was appointed as the new Director of Music Programming, along with moving the Kiss studios and office to EMAPs main premises at Mappin House, Central London, and creating a new logo.

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How do you get on Kiss fresh?

Listen to KISS Fresh below You can tune in to KISS FRESH from KISS and other KISS channels including KISSTORY, KISS Dance, Hip- Hop, Jams and more – all within the official KISS KUBE app (iPhone, iPad & Android).

Is Sisanie pregnant again?

Sisanie revealed she is expecting again during an episode of their radio show in February, surprising Seacrest and their team. Then, in a sweet Instagram upload, she wrote, “Our secret’s out! Baby #3 due August 2021!”

What is the phrase that pays?

You have to listen to the station to hear a particular phrase announced, which you then say if somebody from the station phones you (I think that’s how it works). If you utter the designated phrase, you get cash.

How do I get in touch with iHeartRadio?


  1. Contact.
  2. Follow Us. Advertising. To learn more about advertising with iHeartMedia and iHeartRadio Countdown, contact us at 1-844-BUY-RADIO, or send us an inquiry. iHeartRadio Support. Having trouble with our iHeartRadio app or website? Please visit to contact our support team.

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