Question: How To Use Bio Fm?

How does Bio FM work? works by creating a landing page filled with blocks of your content. You’ll also get your very own link to this landing page that you can use in your Instagram bio. When your followers and visitors to your profile click this link, they’ll be directed to the landing page and links to your online content.

Is Bio FM safe?

Linktree is a decent tool for adding more links to your Instagram bio, but when compared to other tools, we feel like it doesn’t have nearly as many features. At the moment, we don’t recommend Linktree.

What is bio FM?

These singular, powerful links blanket the internet through companies like Carrd, Linktree, and The idea is to push people to subscribe to a paid product for a monthly fee, giving them access to features like advanced analytics, the ability to add unlimited links, and to get rid of the companies’ branding.

What is wrong with Linktree?

The problem with Linktree is that it interferes with your user’s journey from social media post to your website, which is the last thing you want to happen. Instead of going from social media post and to your website, they’re taken to a third party landing page full of links.

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Is Linktree banned on TikTok?

Update, June 2021: TikTok does not recognize Linktree links as legit links now either! If you use Linktree on TikTok, users will receive an “unsafe” warning before they can visit your links. Keep reading to see what you should use instead.

Is Linktree banned on Instagram?

It is reported that Linktree, started as a link-in-bio tool for Instagram, was banned from Instagram in 2018, since it is noted as “breaking the community standards,” specifically as a spam website.

Is there anything better than Linktree?

Bio – Free alternative to Linktree for creating pages with multiple links. ShortStack – Platform for creating social contests on Instagram. Leadpages – Robust landing page and digital content builder for multiple platforms. Milkshake – Free Instagram landing page creator that doubles as a simple website builder.

Is Taplink better than Linktree?

Taplink vs Linktree 3 months of PRO plan is $12 which is cheaper than 3 Linktree months. A year with Pro plan equals to 3 months with Linktree, but still with more functions. A year on BUSINESS plan costs $54 which is cheaper than a year with Linktree PRO plan, and this plan gives you all the features of Taplink.

How do you open a link in bio?

How to find link in bio on Instagram. To get to someone’s profile, tap their username, displayed above their post. Then you’ll see their “bio” where they describe themselves and their account, and the blue URL. That’s the link in bio.

How do I delete my bio FM account?

How To: Delete an Account

  1. Tap the Tap Bio menu in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap Edit Profile.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  4. Tap Delete my account.
  5. Confirm with a “YES”
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What is contact Bio?

ContactInBio solves a problem of multiple links for Instagram bio with a one link that contains group of other links and content as contact form, text, video, images and many more.

What should be included in Linktree?

15 things to share in your Instagram bio using Linktree

  1. ONE:: Your newsletter or email marketing list.
  2. TWO:: Your free offering, which might include an eBook, video series, webinar, challenge, checklist, done for you script, audio, meditation, quiz or other free training.

What’s the point of Linktree?

Linktree is a tool that allows you to share multiple links on social media, but it rose to prominence on Instagram.

How do I make my Linktree clickable?

Add Your Linktree Link to Your Instagram Bio

  1. Launch the Instagram app and select the profile icon in the lower-right corner.
  2. Tap Edit Profile.
  3. Next to Website, enter your Linktree link and then tap Done. You’ve added your Linktree link to your Instagram profile.

Can you see who clicks on your Linktree?

Currently your Linktree dashboard displays Clicks for each link. If you’re on our Free platform, within each link you can see a count for Clicks – the number of times each link has been clicked on, across its entire life. The Lifetime Views track your entire history of Views on Linktree.

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