Question: How To Use Itrip Fm Transmitter?

What is an iTrip used for?

The iTrip is designed to broadcast to any empty FM frequency on the dial of any radio, at home or in your car. The iPod is loaded with impressive features, but it’s also an Apple product, which means that looks matter.

What does a Griffin iTrip do?

Griffin Technology’s iTrip Auto is the newest member of the iTrip family, a line of FM transmitters designed for the Apple iPod. The device can extract audio from any iPod with a dock connector and is controlled by an in-line remote that is powered by a cigarette lighter.

What is a iTrip Smart Scan?

The Griffin iTrip Auto FM Transmitter with SmartScan wirelessly sends music from your iPod to your car radio so you can listen on your car stereo speakers. SmartScan scans the radio dial for the three best frequencies and saves them to the preset buttons.

How much is an iTrip?

How much does an iTrip franchise cost? iTrip has a franchise fee of up to $30,000, with a total initial investment range of $101,400 to $140,625.

What is iTrip for iPhone?

The Griffin iTrip Auto for iPod, iPad, and iPhone, with Lightning Connector features an FM transmitter and integrated charger, powered from your car’s 12-volt accessory outlet. To set up the iTrip, just press the SmartScan button and it will find the best FM frequency for you.

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How do I connect my Griffin clip to iTrip?

You simply plug in the headphone cable into the headphone jack on the clip. Then, you pair the device to your phone. The iTrip Clip supports Bluetooth 4.1 and it provides a very solid connection. It has a range of approximately 30 feet and it will work up to 6 hours on a full charge.

Is there a FM Transmitter app for iPhone?

FM-Transmitter helps you control your FM Transmitter from your iPhone or iPad. Simply plug-in the transmitter and then use the app on your phone to tune, display, scan, or clear the frequencies on your FM Transmitter.

Why is my FM Transmitter static?

If the audio you feed into your FM transmitter is too low, you’ll hear a lot of static because there is always some static in the background, and you have to turn the sound up a TON to get your music feed.

Why does my FM Transmitter not work?

If the transmitter does not function properly, check if the wires and cables are installed correctly, connected to the right connections, and secured tightly in place. Check the device’s manual to make sure that the device is installed properly and tighten all necessary connections.

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