Quick Answer: Does Wcco Have An Fm Station?

What app is WCCO radio on?

Listen to WCCO – News Talk 830, WGN Extra and Many Other Stations from Around the World with the radio.net App.

How can I listen to the Minnesota Twins game?

You can listen to the show live on the Treasure Island Baseball Network, WCCO 830 AM or download the show at your convenience by visiting twinsbaseball.com/podcasts to subscribe.

Can you stream WCCO radio?

Supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Conveniently listen to WCCO – News Talk 830 via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

What radio station are the Minnesota Twins on today?

Tune in to 102.9 FM for live game coverage all season long.

How do I contact WCCO radio?

Phone Numbers:

  1. Main Number: (612) 339-4444.
  2. Breaking News: (612) 330-2502.
  3. Fax: (612) 330-2767.

What is the Twins game score?

Twins outlast Brewers, rain in 6-4 win.

Is the radio com app free?

Radio.com lets you listen to your favorite Sports, Music, News Talk radio stations & podcasts for free – anytime, anywhere. Stream over 230 stations and 1,000 podcasts. The best radio app experience, wherever you are.

What ethnicity is Amelia Santaniello?

My co-anchor, Amelia Santaniello, her mother is Japanese. We have just hired a reporter who’s of Asian descent.

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Does Frank Vascellaro wear a wig?

Not actually, I said, laughing as Vascellaro mocked my guffaws in disapproval. He’s a real handsome guy, his hair remains gray-free and is NOT a toupee (although some readers insist that it is), and he looks great in a suit.

What Jason DeRusha salary?

Jason DeRusha Salary Jason working as a News Anchor, Reporter, Digital Innovator, Strategic Communicator, Curious Leader and Food Critic in Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul earns an estimated annual salary of $130,245.

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