Readers ask: A State Of Trance Di Fm?

Where can I listen to state of trance?

A State of Trance Official Podcast | Listen to Podcasts On Demand Free | TuneIn.

How many people listen to a state of trance?

Currently broadcast to an estimated 40 million listeners across more than 84 countries and 100 FM radio stations per show (as well as to the global audiences via online video live streams on Facebook and YouTube), the radio show of five-time #1 DJ in the world Armin van Buuren (with co-host Ruben de Ronde) won the

Who owns a state of trance?

The A State Of Trance sublabel was created in 2003 on parent company, Armada Music. Armin decided to celebrate every 50th episode in three parts.

How many ASOT episodes are there?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1: stupor, daze. 2: a sleeplike state (as of deep hypnosis) usually characterized by partly suspended animation with diminished or absent sensory and motor activity. 3: a state of profound abstraction or absorption.

What is trance state of mind?

A trance is a state of altered consciousness in which a person’s general awareness is decreased and his/her suggestibility is increased.

What does ASOT mean Pyrocynical?

A Series of Tubes (ASOT) is a YouTube show by Pyrocynical that looks at current YouTube events and/or lets Pyrocynical “bully”/”G A M E E N D” hated YouTubers.

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What time is ASOT broadcast?

A State of Trance Live Streaming (often abbreviated as ASOT) is the title of a weekly radio show (every Thursday at 20:00 (CET), 7pm (UK Time), 2pm (EST)) hosted by prominent trance DJ and producer Armin van Buuren.

When did Ruben De Ronde join ASOT? How does someone become the ASOT co-host? Ruben de Ronde: I started at Armada Music as an A&R manager in 2007. Back then, Armada was still a small label with just around eight people working at the office.

Will a state of trance go ahead?

Although the celebration of this huge milestone is delayed by one year, reaching 1000 episodes on A State Of Trance is something we cannot leave uncelebrated. Therefore, we will still celebrate ASOT1000 in 2022 with a huge celebration weekend on 18 + 19 February 2022 and write trance history together!

What channel is a state of Armin?

Tune in to A State Of Armin on SiriusXM Channel 736 to immerse yourself in the sounds of trance, progressive, and more.

Will asot 1000 go ahead?

A State Of Trance fans, rejoice: ASOT1000 Festival is officially moving forward in 2021. In celebration of the landmark 1,000th episode of the historic A State Of Trance radio show, the world’s biggest trance festival is set to make its grand return in Utrecht for twin concerts in late September 2021.

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