Readers ask: What Frequency Is Christmas Fm?

What channel is Christmas FM in Ireland?

On your TV Virgin Media Digital TV subscribers in Ireland can listen to Christmas FM on Channel 900 (available from November 28th to December 27th only each year).

Is Xmas FM on the radio?

Key Dates. We’re broadcasting online all year round. FM broadcast dates for 2021 will be announced in the autumn.

Can you get heart Xmas on FM radio?

In addition, Wireless spin-off stations Signal Christmas, Wave Christmas and Pulse Christmas are returning on DAB, along with new online Christmas services for Peak FM, Radio Wave, Signal 107, Wish FM, Wire FM, Tower FM and U105 from November 16th.

Has Christmas FM started 2020?

Christmas FM will be celebrating its 13th year on air this year when it launches in November and, since it began broadcasting, has raised almost €2.5 million for a range of charities.

How do I get Christmas FM?

Download Our Apps Download the free Christmas app for iPhone® and iPad®. You can easily switch between all our stations, view ‘Now Playing’ information, buy tracks on iTunes and access recently played tracks. The Christmas FM app is now available on Google Play.

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What radio station is Christmas FM 2020?

The main radio frequencies for Christmas FM are: Dublin City and County 105.2FM. Cork City 106.7FM. Cavan 99.4FM.

What number station is heart Xmas?

If you can tune in and hear talkSPORT, Capital Xtra and LBC, you’ll definitely be able to hear Heart Extra Xmas as they all broadcast on the same DAB frequency – and are all carried on the same channel: channel 11D in England & Wales; channel 12A in Scotland; channel 11D in Northern Ireland.

What number is heart Xmas radio?

To enter the Competition an Entrant must Listen to the Heart Network each weekday between 10:00 and 16:00. The presenter(s) will play a clip of a song and Listeners will need to identify the name of that song. Send a text message with the word “CHRISTMAS” and their answer to 82122 (the “Text Message Line”).

How do I find heart Xmas on radio?

Just say ‘Alexa, Play Heart Xmas’ (or “Play Heart Christmas”) to listen live. Want to catchup on the last 7 days of radio for free? You can listen back to your favourite presenters using the Global Player skill! Just ask for a show and a date, then sit back & relax!

How much did Xmas FM raise?

Christmas FM raises €284,000 for ALONE. We’re delighted to announce that we’ve raised €284,107.12 for ALONE, our chosen charity for 2020.

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